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10 Tips to Make Your Family Session a Success!

Congratulations on booking a photography session. You might be wondering so now what? Here are a few helpful suggestions to make the most of your session.

1. PURPOSE - Decide on the purpose of your session? Are these photographs going to be used for Christmas cards, a large canvas on a wall in your home or maybe a collage. Knowing what you want a head of time will help your photographer to capture just the right images and make sure the orientation (vertical or horizontal) will meet your needs.

2. ATTIRE - Choosing the right outfits will set the style for your family photo session. I will write more on this in a later blog, but for now try and follow these do's and don'ts.

The DOS: choose complementary colors, wear layers and accessories like headbands, bow ties, hats. Remember to complete your look with the right pair of shoes.

The DON'TS: Try not to go matchy, matchy. Don't wear spaghetti straps or tee shirts. Stay away from trendy stuff, as with all trends it will quickly become outdated.

Need more ideas? Simply head over to SugarSnap Photography by Jen Strode Pinterest page for lots and lots of great clothing ideas.

3. PLAN AHEAD - Get your outfits organized and tried on ahead of time to make sure everything fits and works nicely together. There is nothing more stressful than being tight on time and something not fitting well. Also it is a good opportunity to send a quick picture to your photographer so that he/she can prepare ahead of time the right location or props to complement your wardrobe.

4. SCHEDULE - your session around nap times like early morning when they are fresh and full of energy or late afternoon after a restful nap to help minimize chances of a melt down.

5. BE PREPARED - Bring some snacks, drinks and wet wipes to help make it through the session.

6. PREPARE THE KIDS - Start days in advance and take time to share with your children what to expect. Build it up to be a fun event with a special treat following the photography session. You can even roll play with the children and let them be the "photographer"

7. BRING - Help capture special family moments by bringing an activity that your family loves to do together. This will help little ones engage and bring authentic smiles and fun for everyone. Some ideas are story books, ice cream, board games, soccer ball, guitar or anything else you might like to do together.

8. NO CHEESE PLEASE- Save the cheese for cracker. "Say Cheese" often evokes strained and often unnatural photographs. Instead allow the photographer to do what he/she does best . Often a game might be played between the photographer and the child or a silly action done to help elicit a more natural and flattering smile.

9. BE CHEERFUL & ENTHUSIASTIC - Children will model behavior from their parents. So let your enthusiasm shine. Your happiness will be contagious and soon everyone will be relaxed and enjoying themselves which always makes for amazing photographs.

10. RELAX & HAVE FUN! Pick up your child. Toss them in the air. Tickle each other. Give your wife a kiss. Hug your hubby or whisper something special in his ear. Tell a joke. Snuggle or play. Let your photographer capture those precious family moments.

If you have not booked a session, what are you waiting for? Give me a call and we can get you on your way to preserving those sweet memories.

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