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The Sitter

Preserving today for tomorrow

The Sitter Session is one of my favorite sessions.  It is such a wonderful time in a baby's life.  Generally the session is done between 6-8 months or when baby is securely sitting without assistance and before they are on the move.  At this age they tend to be easily entertained and generous with their smiles. The session runs one hour and is usually a simply set up so that baby is the primary focus.   As far as the wardrobe is concerned, you are welcome to bring some outfits or use some that I have here at the studio.  I have adorable outfits for baby girls and a some cute bow ties, suspenders and paperboy hats for the boys. The session is usually booked just after morning nap and before lunchtime. 

Please contact me for more information or to book your session. 

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