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To stay compliant with the Stay at Home Order,

The Front Steps Project is currently paused until the order has been lifted.

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The Front

Steps Project

Family Portraits Helping Local Food Banks

100% of proceeds goes back into our community.


Making a difference where we can is the idea behind The Front Step Project.  Front porches have always been a place of gathering.  Adults sit and visit while watching their children play in the yard with all the neighborhood kids.  However, with everyone stuck inside and feeling so isolated, The Front Steps Project gives us the opportunity to see one another while staying safely at home.   

Often during the hardest of times, we see people stepping up to the occasion to help others wherever and however they can.

This project helps us as a community to come together for something greater than ourselves all while #stayinghome.  As a photographer I am honored to step up and do my part.

A special thanks to Cara Soulia in MA for getting  The Front Steps Project going and helping our communities to not feel so alone.

How does The Front Steps Project work?


1. Fill out the contact sheet and someone from our team will call to set up your day.

2. There will be a window of time that you will be given.  I will drive to your home and text you from my car once I arrive. 

3. Your family will step out onto the front steps and we will proceed with a couple of shots, always staying at least 10 feet away, but more like 30 feet because of my lens. They can be fun, serious, or anything in between. This is not your typical family photo session. Matter of fact, it is only 5 minutes or  less. I will stay at least 10 feet away so there is never any issue with social distancing. You can wear whatever you would like: your favorite team, pajamas, mismatched clothes,  or your comfy clothes. This really is a 'come as your are' moment.  

4. Shortly there after I will email your family portrait for all to enjoy!

5.  In exchange, I am asking you to make a good faith donation online to New Hope Ministries  or a check to Harvest of Hope at 4485 Wolf Church Road, York, PA 17408   These groups so faithfully serve our community.

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I will also be posting these images on Instagram and Facebook using the #thefrontstepsproject .  Please share these posts and hashtags so we can spread the word!

Want to join us?

Please fill out the form below and someone from our team will get back with you.

We will be trying to be the most strategic with setting up the sessions

so that we can spend more time photographing and less time traveling.

The sessions will be done between 5:00-6:30pm starting Monday, April 6.

Contact Us

By submitting I agree to making a donation to either Harvest of Hope or New Hope Ministries .  I also agree to my photo being  posted on social media.

Thanks for submitting!

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